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Surreal Gallery


Images from photographic project 'Alight' which pays homage to Masters of Arts by using famous artists influences to picture imaginative visions of life and death. All images are shot in camera yet contrived like a painting and have no post production, the technique is long exposures, lights and projections. The project aims to push the boundaries of what is possible technically in one shot and challenge our expectation of time passing in a photograph. Influences from Joan Miró, Salvador Dali, George Braque, Gustav Klimt, Micheal Angelo, John Turner, Rodin and John Constable are used to alight the visions of genuine Masters of Art and conjure the great paintings of the past to express dreams and fantasy.

These images have been exhibited at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art fair 2012 - 2016, Milan Affordable Art fair 2016, Hong Kong Contemporary Art fair 2017. London Siger Gallery 'Clash' exhibition 2017. Hong Kong Contemporary art fair 2018. 

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