Creative Gallery

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A variety of works, in studio or on location,  collaborating with artists of other disciplines to showcases their talents, represent female form and unusual still life.  Artists: Frederico Penteado, painter and film director, stills from 'The Aethernauts'.  Body make up artist: Agnes Guo 郭前前 featuring Yan 赵晏 and Louise. Dancer: 陈俊任, Nanning, China. Yoga Artist: Nives Sutakovic Ashtan Yoga house,  Tonsai Thailand. Still LIfe: 'Fashion Claw', 'The Love Tree' and 'Salt Lake Stereo'.

These images have been exhibited at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art fair 2012 - 2016, Milan Affordable Art fair 2016, Hong Kong Contemporary Art fair 2017. London Siger Gallery 'Clash' exhibition 2017. Hong Kong Contemporary art fair 2018. 



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